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reasons MSB is a smarter choice for your e-Signing needs


The fast-paced digital age has accelerated the need for companies to become agile. We’ve created a game-changing technology geared towards our enterprise customer that’s fast and easy. Wherever you are around the world, MSB lets you send, review and sign your important documents with just a few clicks. Eliminate time spent printing, mailing, faxing, scanning and storing physical documents. With our reusable workflow and document templates, you can automate recurring actions and complete your tasks in a fraction of the time.

Bank-grade peace-of-mind.

From the moment you create an ePak and send it out for signatures to the time you get back your fully executed documents, the experience has been engineered for security and data privacy. That means creating a user-friendly interface with the strictest security standards possible. MSB is legally enforceable and regulatory compliant with 21 CFR 11, EMA and other industry standards. With our multi factor authentication, tamper evident seal, detailed audit trail and complete time stamping details, we go above and beyond basic requirements to ensure your documents are secure and compliant.

Working smarter is faster and it saves you money.

With MSB’s digital signing you can save substantially on costs spent in the Print-Sign-Mail cycle. We’re not just another signing solution, we’re accelerating the productivity of real people and businesses by reinventing electronic and digital signing globally. A signing solution that pays for itself many times over, MSB empowers companies to begin experiencing the benefits of increased efficiency, improved processes, reduced staff workload, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Customized for your needs.

Long gone are the days when a successful company could rest on its successes. Technology and the Internet place a big burden on organizations to stay relevant and innovative. At any phase in your firm’s lifecycle, from startup to global enterprise, our scalable design ensures that MSB can be customized to fit your signing needs. Flexible deployment—on- or off-premises in a cloud based SAAS model is just the start. MSB integrates seamlessly with all core business application including ERP, CRM and other systems to ensure a consistent user experience from start to finish. Add custom email templates, logos and branding schemes, Single Sign-On options, and more to personalize the signing experience for you and your stakeholders. Inspire your team to do more with MSB.

Track & Trace

From the ground up, MSB is built on a rock-solid foundation of digital mobile technology to reliably manage all key processes. This meticulous focus produces a friction-less signing experience while simultaneously ensuring ironclad document tracking and tracing. From workflow directed ‘signature states’ to real time notifications, from reminder emails, enforced expiration dates, and out-of-office settings to detailed reporting and analytical tools – we provide users complete command over the entire process.

Easy-to-use, powerful tools.

The need for valid signatures is as varied as the signatures themselves. MSB is designed to fit every situation, with flexible features that address all forms of document signing. Because MSB is a hybrid solution, processing low-risk documents or the very highest levels of security and confidence is managed with ease from any device. MSB also offers a host of advanced features like easy sign, mobile signing, offline signing, single sign on, delegate, shareable and reusable templates, easy edit and more. Extensive features together with our dependable professional services, storage and support deliver a truly compelling solution for all your needs.

Reliable, functional and well designed

MSB’s intuitive design is user friendly, easy and effective. It greatly simplifies everyday processes, repetitive tasks and time consuming actions leading to faster execution and optimized outcomes. This significantly enhances the complete experience for end users who gain powerful results with a painless process. External parties and customers are equally delighted with the simplicity and effectiveness of this process. MSB automates the process, eliminates steps and shortens the cycle to completion, all at the click of buttons. We also equip our clients to transact business anywhere, anytime and on any device. They can use one of our apps designed for iphone/ipad or simply open any standard browser for instant access and processing. We enable our users to process business wherever they are, whenever they are ready.




Upload documents, assign signatories, place signature tags and send.



Check status realtime, reassign signatories or custodians, send signature, reminders and manage timelines.



Access document, configure signature, sign, reject or delegate. It’s that easy!



View audit trail, download and validate the fully executed document and archive it in the appropriate corporate repository.




MySignatureBook provides the most comprehensive and robust workflow functionality available in the industry.


of satisfied customers
MySignatureBook users enjoy many convenient features such as reusable and shareable workflows, out-of-office settings, and more.


of documents processed everyday
MySignatureBook automates the document signing process, routing documents as designated and optionally archiving them into long term storage.


added to the bottom line
MySignatureBook pays for itself within the first six months of use, saving companies millions of dollars over long term wet ink signing.


At Pfizer, we used MySignatureBook with both SAFETM and Pfizer corporate credentials to eliminate paper-based signatures and replace them with digital signatures. As a result, we lowered costs dramatically by eliminating the need to go from electronic to paper and then scanning back to electronic– not to mention the savings of not having to store paper archives.

George S. Rathbun  Director, Pfizer

At the end of the day, mySignatureBook is all about
maximizing your business growth and success.